There's been a few times when I have been aware of envy in others towards me, and it always surprises me. Envious of me? Seriously? You want to trade my seven years of being sick with fibromyalgia and all the other garbage I've gone through?

There is so much in the bible that triggers visual imagery for me. This one is based on Proverbs 27:4 What gets me about envy is that the envious wishes harm to the envied. Whoa. Sometimes that results in harmful actions being taken against the envied. I had a boss like that in my oilpatch career. He was my Alexander the Metalworker.

I have been admiring the loose style of Kate Beaton from My takeaway from her is that drawings don't have to be all tidied up to be successful. Kate leaves construction lines all over the place. So I decided to leave the shape of the dragon as was my first impression. My husband said it looked like a three-headed turtle, not too scary. So I decided to add a fireball so show how destructive envy can be.  I love how that fireball turned out in ArtRage. I used the paint roller and the "harsh chaos" blender to get just the effect I was after.