After a long break, a few more paintings

October 1, 2017
I took up my iPad again after a couple of years away, and was delighted to find that it all came back. I thought I'd be making absolute garbage for the first few tries. So maybe it's like riding a bicycle.

Interesting to me was the fact that some apps I used to use have disappeared. I guess if an app isn't being used very much the $99 listing fee on the app store is a burden. Also app makers have to keep up with the different versions of IOS.  Fortunately there are other new apps that I can use in place of the old ones.  

I really like the ArtSet app. It seems to approximate the look of oil or acrylic the best, with ArtRage a close second. 

I'm going to have to take another hiatus while I work on a color theory project.


Red & White Comic & Toy Expo

September 20, 2012

I recently attended the Red & White Comic & Toy Expo in Calgary. I got some nice comments on my work and had some nice discussions. I learned that face painting -- my neighbor's table -- can be very lucrative. To prepare for the show, I made a number of sets of greeting cards, some comic based, some fine-art based. The expo wasn't the place to sell greeting cards, I learned.

The above ogre painting is what I worked on during the show. People were impressed about the iPad's capability to make ...
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Fireballs of Envy

April 18, 2012

There's been a few times when I have been aware of envy in others towards me, and it always surprises me. Envious of me? Seriously? You want to trade my seven years of being sick with fibromyalgia and all the other garbage I've gone through?

There is so much in the bible that triggers visual imagery for me. This one is based on Proverbs 27:4 What gets me about envy is that the envious wishes harm to the envied. Whoa. Sometimes that results in harmful actions being taken against the envied. I ...
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About this blog

February 26, 2012
So, I thought with the blog I'd talk about my art. 

Lately I've been looking at where the views come from on my Flickr account. It is gratifying to see an image in a Google search result, and every now and then, someone clicks on one of my images.  I think I went looking for an "apples of gold in settings of silver" picture in the past, but I was unsatisfied with what I saw. I had it in my mind to draw my own version someday. 

When I found the iDough app, it was finally time to paint that pict...

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