Alison Lait paints and draws on the iPad.

I create fresh, vibrant images on the iPad that capture the essence of my subjects, from cartoons to still lifes and abstracts.

My Work

I started painting on the iPad during a 2010 RV trip. I didn't see the need for buying an iPad, but once I discovered the art Apps I was hooked. I use ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, iDough, and Strip Design among many other apps.  

My Education

I have a Certificate in Visual Design from the University of Calgary. Previously I worked as a quality assurance analyst for geological databases. I have a B. Sc. in geology from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. 

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Pictured: Disco Cockatoo, based on Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo from YouTube.  


"...Your work is sooooooooo different !! A contact list [at Flickr] without you in it I think would be a tad lacking . ---Maxine, Corel Paintshop artist, U.K.

"Girl, you are getting so good. I was just at the Chattenoga aquarium and they had the best jelly fish exhibit..... I LOVE them. Anyway I love how you did this [Crystal and Jellyfish Painting] and you are a good tutorial person! Keep them coming --Susan Murtaugh, iPad artist, Two Creeks, WI.